Before you submit, please be aware of our mission: To provide a house for authors to be represented under a brand recognized for quality and integrity.

JWP is a purveyor of assistive services for authors providing a home and brand for your work. All services, including editorial, cover design, and marketing are the responsibility of the independently published author. This is a place for like minded authors under the literary genres of upmarket fiction, women’s fiction and literary fiction, to find the resources needed to produce professional work all the while maintaining your rights and creative expression. This is not a vanity press or hybrid press, but a home for publication under an identifiable brand for readers. All services are discussed, agreed to, and paid by the independently published author. This is a collaboration of the creative with the business of professional publishing. A professional book requires professionalism and JWP is here to help you through the process with resources and guidance to get your book into the world and compete in the marketplace at the highest level of professionalism.

Authors who meet the criteria of these standards for Jane Writes Press, are invited to join our family of writers under a publishing house that offers readers a quality and creative standard they are seeking in the book world today. All rights, sales and royalties remain with the independently published author.

We are currently taking submissions for the following: Women’s Fiction, Upmarket Fiction, and Literary Romance.

Email: Attention: E. Torphy. Subject line: Submission/Last Name/Title of Work.

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