Jane Writes Press is a boutique book house for Independent Authors, representing women’s fiction, upmarket fiction, and literary fiction, who don’t fit into a box. The traditional publishers have one form to fit. That leaves out many creative writers who have something unique to offer. Here at JWP, we encourage stepping out of the box and allow writers the opportunity to bring unique and original ideas overlooked by traditional publishing houses. We are a landing publisher, where Independent Authors can publish their work under a house name.

JWP’s main function is to provide assistance to independent publishing and provide independent authors representation by a reputable book house. To be represented by JWP, all work will be thoroughly vetted, and will undergo a series of paid professional editing, cover design, and formatting before it is ready for publication. All rights and sales belong to the author.

Manuscripts accepted by invitation only. Submissions are open.

What People Say

Oh! Write, write. Finish it at once. Let there be an end of this suspense. Fix, commit, condemn yourself.

Jane Austen

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.

Ernest Hemingway

You can write nothing of value unless you give yourself wholly to the theme.

Charlotte Bronte

Let’s publish something together.

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